A dreamer, seeker, adventurer, idealist and non-conformist. Interested in many things- culture, languages, travel, books, film, music, activism and the Great Outdoors. Still trying to get a handle on this 'adulting' thing and find out where my talents really lie....

Stuart Hall’s Representation theory

*this was an essay I wrote as a college assignment but I feel in light of recent events in the US, it’s actually very relevant and topical* Human society does not exist in a vacuum. We are products not only of our gender, social status/class, background, ethnicity, and religion but also from a media perspective, […]


Teaching & Fantasies…

I came across the piece below today. Reading over it, it amused me and also struck me that I’d obviously had a particularly trying and difficult day on the job (I’m guessing I was at the school in Trim when I wrote this!) and fantasising about a different life was a way of coping with […]


Learning an instrument during a pandemic

I thought I was pretty original ordering a ukulele online at the start of the lockdown until I heard Niall Breslin, a.k.a Bressie , the former rugby player, musician and now mental health/mindfulness guru in Ireland, was sending out several hundred of them to anyone who requested one via his Instagram page. The assumption was […]


Child-free in your 40s

I’m completely happy not having children. I mean, everybody does not have to live in the same way. And as somebody said, “Everybody with a womb doesn’t have to have a child any more than everybody with vocal cords has to be an opera singer.”Gloria Steinem “Child-free”. It sounds a lot better than “childless”. Just […]