My 5 minutes of fame & litterbugs….

Here I am featured in an article that was published in the Irish Independent weekend section on October 3rd.

I shared the link to the article with a couple of close friends and family and was pretty underwhelmed with the response and feedback I received in all honesty. Maybe it’s cos people have more important things to think about (what with the pandemic and everything), bills to pay, work to get through, kids to feed and put to bed etc. but I had expected more of a reaction from my friends with kids…. Maybe they didn’t even have time to read it, which is what I think happened… or else they simply were being diplomatic by saying nothing. Silence speaks volumes sometimes after all.

One friend, a single parent, whom I did ask for her honest opinion said, “well was the point of the article to make people with kids feel bad about having kids?”. I didn’t think so initially but on reflection and after re-reading the piece, perhaps if I’m honest with myself, I do judge my friends a little bit for being so ‘conformist’. That said, however, single childfree women do get judged A LOT and I think it’s only fair that the shoe is on the other foot for a change….. Anyway, it’s simply my perspective and I do stand by my comments. I do think the earth is overpopulated and we are destroying it at a rate of knots and bringing more people into the world isn’t really going to solve that problem…..

For instance, the other day I was in the Phoenix Park for a walk with a friend (since parks are about the only place you can meet friends these days with the latest Covid restrictions) and I saw this…

It actually upset me to see this and I did something I normally never do. I got a plastic bag and a pair of gloves from my car, picked it all up and threw it into a rubbish bin. Why the scumbags who threw all their cans here in the first place couldn’t have done the same, I’ll never know though I can surmise why….and it’d involve peas and brains…or maybe shit….

Honestly, when humans behave like this, do we really need to introduce more into the equation? We’re definitely the problem (and one could argue, the solution) but I think when you look at the state of the world and what we’re doing to each other and our environment, you have to question if this is the kind of world you want to bring kids into…well at least I do…..

Feel free to persuade me otherwise….

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