The world’s shortest fairytale

A male (my Dad’s ) perspective….

My Dad sent this via a Whatsapp family group message and I was amused but thought I’d respond with an alternative version, cos let’s face it, we’re we’re always getting a male perspective on things….

This was my version. I’d love if you could let me know in the comments what you think, or better yet, post your own version!!!

“Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl to marry him. She replied, “Hell, no!” and went off on her merry way. She lived to the ripe old age of 98 (as there was no man in her life to stress her out & therefore shorten her life) and always looked decades younger than her years, as well as staying incredibly slim and fit(cos with no man or kids in her life, she had more time to focus on herself and her needs). Her home was always tidy and pristinely clean (as she didn’t always have to be picking up after a husband/partner or kids) and she was able to pursue her dream of becoming an astronaut (because she had no man or kids in her life who were constantly making demands of her) and became the first woman to ever land on Mars at the age of 38. She travelled to lots of new and exciting places, had hundreds of adventures and interesting experiences and never lost her sense of humour or interest in the world around her. She lived an incredibly full and happy life and had lots of good friends and lovers (her lovers never lived with her as that was when things got ugly in her experience!) and when she died, all her friends, former lovers and current lover were devastated ,shed endless tears at her funeral and wished they’d had the courage to embrace life like she had. The END.”

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