Reason #13: Conformity

I love your writing and your posts- your one about Facebook updates made me laugh aloud! Thanks for cheering me up today!


I’m not all Rebel With a Cause, or anything, and this hasn’t made my top ten list of reasons not to procreate but it’s one that is very viewable to me. Wherever I go, I see and hear about people having these amazing, great families. Why? Because it’s just “the thing to do.” Kinda like a herd of oxen driving itself off a ledge. Parenting and the obtaining of a family is written into so many movie plots, stories and into real life because people have been doing it forever, and so it must be completely wacky to assume a life without little pattering of feet. Caring for and having children has become the new American Nightmare Dream, whereas molding your own life of comfort, happiness and success seems to be on the back burner. Even though I’m Canadian, I say the American dream because we don’t have a saying…

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